► Brain Electronics Ltd. is a specialized company and our passion is the exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of applied psycho-physiology while our business is distribution & sales of equipment & services for measuring, recovery and training of the stress-resilience capacity of employees, athletes, first-responders and private patients.

► Among our customers are business companies, private users, parents, athletes, medical doctors, special education teachers, psychotherapists, police and sport psychologists and other professionals which need to apply fast and efficient methods for neuro-muscular relaxation and stress reduction in their business, medical treatment, training and recovery or healing practice. 


► We are official representative of several leading companies in the field of brainwave entrainment ( non-invasive brain stimulation & relaxation-systems ), biofeedback and vibro-acoustic therapy. We are official distributors of the Canadian company Mind Alive Inc. ( non-invasive brain stim ), the American companies Biocom Technologies LLC.  and  Heartmath (HRV-biofeedback systems) , the Polish company Verim ( GSR-biofeedback systems ) and the Japanese company  Acouve Laboratory Inc. ( vibro-acoustic therapy systems ).  

► Our products and services are focused at improving and restoring the functioning of people, their quality of life, mind-body health and performance in healthcare, education, sports, first responders organizations, business and everyday life. 








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