Our services for occupational health telemonitoring and mind-body prevention of workplace stress

► Adapta is equipment-assisted program for measuring and reduction of physiological work-related stress impact. Download a very short presentation of the program from this link.

is our technology-assisted program for measuring, recovery and training of employees' resilience-to-stress capacity and preserving of their mind-body fitness for work. The program would be useful for the personnel of all businesses and organizations where employees' performance and mind-body health are of significant importance and concern such as : 

► Oil & gas offshore shift workers , miners
► Flight control operators and airline pilots
► Employees working with chemical or physical hazards
► Police, military, first responders and railroad personnel
► Workers and employees in stressful occupations
► Office employees and workers under threat of work-related musculoskeletal disorders 

Adapta consists of 5 major components which can be used either independently or in combination as a complete routine in the HR recruitment & training, occupational health (OH) & safety, corporate wellness or employees assistance programs (EAP). 

 Stress profiling of the employee's individual response stereotipy to stressors of sensory, cognitive or emotional type.
 Telemonitoring of employees' recuperation level for advanced detection of negative trends in mind-body health by tracking of heart rate variability (HRV).  
 Biofeedback stress-resilience training for improving the ability to maintain calm concentration in demanding environment as well as the quality of sleep.  
 Rapid & effortless stress reduction by means of non-invasive brain stimulation technologies promoting mental relaxation and recovery of brain fitness for work. 
► Sensory-motor control balance training for prevention of musculoskeletal disorders, stress reduction and preservation of brain & mental fitness for work.

Your HR, OH, corporate wellness or EAP program and Adapta. Adapta is created with human resources(HR) training, occupational health (OH) and employee assistance programs (EAP) in mind and it is meant to be integrated easily into them. It directly contributes for EAP/ OH programs’ market differentiation through the use of evidence-based assessment & treatment tools supporting demonstration of programs’ effectiveness/ROI, proactive health prevention and adopting responsibility for learning of self-regulation & stress management skills.

All of the Adapta services are designed to fit in the short-term model of counseling used in the employees assistance programs (EAP). Most of the Adapta services can be supported by Skype or e-mail without the need of face-to-face counseling. Below you can find short descriptions of the 5 components of the program, the benefits you will get from using it in your activity, information about how we can help you to implement it, research supporting the methods we use and our contact details. 

Video showing the Laboratory for Stress Research & Management at Varna Medical University. Equipment and training for the Laboratory was provided by our company. 




Stress Profile TestingPsycho-physiological examination


The ability to focus attention to the task at hand and to recover quickly from stress is essential for performing one’s best in many occupations today. Like any other states of mind, distractions, concentration and stress response reactions are physiologically embodied. Biofeedback technology measures in real time physiological changes in response to sensory, cognitive or emotional stressors. The results from the measurement help to identify the worker’s individual response stereotypy to stress as well as the presence or lack of recovery after each stressor.

Psycho-physiological parameters like galvanic skin response (GSR) and heart rate variability (HRV) have long history of scientifically proven applications for the assessment of stress reactions in occupational health studies, social and clinical psychology, biomedical science and sport & recovery psychophysiology. We can help you to add 15 to 30 minutes stress profile test in your HR recruitment, training, mental or occupational health assessments. This evidence-based procedure will contribute the following benefits to your standard practices:

► Better knowledge for worker’s individual response stereotypy to job stress and stress coping style.
► Prediction for the physiological price which the worker will pay for adapting to the job stressors.
► Assessment of the worker’s ability to recover in timely manner from stress.
► Advanced prediction of trends for stress accumulation, loss of energy or burn-out when working in specific job roles.
► Assessment of the worker’s capacity to adapt to the stressors and requirements of the relevant job role.
► Getting insights for adjustment of health & safety or training programs.
► Selection and personalization of the appropriate stress reduction methods corresponding to the worker’s needs.
► Prevention of potentially incorrect conclusions from psychometric tests associated with average norms, cultural influences, providing of socially acceptable or false         answers.
► Useful tool for objective measurement of stress reactions applicable to workplace stress prevention audits, HR recruitment or employees assistance programs (EAP).
► Very easy and fast implementation in your organization - we undertake the analysis of the data, you just need to have the low-cost hardware, make the                       measurement after our instruction and send us the data file by e-mail. After that we shall send you back the results and our conclusions in a stress profile report.  

► Click here to get more information and videos about the method & technology, how to apply them in your organization and reserach behind them.



HRV taking measurementHRV test

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) bio-monitoring is a rigorously proven scientific method for measuring, analysis and tracking of the vital mind-body capacity associated with the potential to cope and adapt to mental and physical challenges. It has long history of applications in the occupational workplace stress studies, sport recovery science, aerospace missions, hospital care, applied psycho-physiology, social psychology and pharmaceutical research. Autonomic nervous system maintains balance in the body by regulation of the functions of the internal organs. It adjusts the energy consumption processes, regeneration and immune defence according to the needs of the organism and the external demands necessary for adaptation to the environment.

Negative trends in the autonomic nervous system balance precede the impairments in the cardiovascular system, chronic fatigue, body metabolism and various stress-related disorders. In this way quantitative analysis of the abnormal autonomic deviations can be used as the earliest indicator for prognosis of health disturbances coming into near future.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis reliably reflects regulative efforts of the autonomic nervous system necessary to adapt the organism to physical and mental loads, emotional stress, nutritional, regeneration and sleep regime, work-rest balance and all other external or internal factors. We can help you to easy implement regular and non-invasive 5 minutes HRV measurements useful for objective trends tracking and getting reliable information about:

► Adaption capacity of the worker.
► Level of regeneration of the organism after heavy physical and mental workloads.
► Early detection and prevention of physiological states preceding chronic fatigue, accumulated stress, reduced fitness for work or pre-nosological states of the                 organism. 
► Reduction of company financial costs, risks and losses associated with mistakes due to reduced fitness for work, chronic stress, chronic fatigue, poor recovery, sick       leaves, absenteeism or presenteeism. 
► Better work-regime organization and assessment of the effects on the body resulting from specific health & safety activities.
Very useful tool for objective measurment and supporting the effectiveness of your workplace stress prevention audits and employees assistance programs (EAP). 
► Very easy and fast implementation in your organization - we undertake the analysis of the data, you just need to have the low-cost hardware, make the regular             measurements after our instruction and send us the data files by e-mail. After that we shall keep electronic health record for every measured employee and send         you advanced warnings in case of worsening of employees' health or recuperation level.  

► Click here to get more information and videos about the method & technology, how to apply them in your organization and research behind them. 


Neurofeedback trainingneurofeedback training


Concentration is often taken for a freely available resource by default. However the ability to select and focus on important task-related stimuli and ignore the distractions is what separates the good from exceptional performers in sport, business and many risky occupations. Attention is one of the rarest resources in today’s economic environment. Attention deficit as psychophysiological state remains unnoticed but problems related to it are massively spread in the school rooms, clutters in the business communications and ever increasing costs for attracting new customers’ attention.

In today’s information era the ability for voluntary paying attention is overloaded by the huge amount of new coming information. Paying attention for longer times has its physiological price which is reflected by fatigue, irritability, higher levels of stress and mistakes at performing the task at hand.

Biofeedback technology is a scientifically based approach for coping with the challenge to maintain concentration and make it more stable. When people are under emotional stress or mental loads their bodies reflect this by increased sweating, chaotic changes in the heart rhythm, breathing and specific brainwave alterations.

Biofeedback technology uses sensors to amplify, measure and show in real time these changes in the body by means of computer animations or games, controlled only by the physiological alterations. Using biofeedback and well established techniques for mental training a trainee can learn the skills:

► To recognize and influence his or her biological processes and thus to regulate the level of tension and stress.
► To restore and strengthen the limited resource of voluntary attention and productive capacity.
► To focus better attention on the task related stimuli and to ignore the distractions.
► To better regulate his or her emotional reactions towards abrupt changes and stress.
► To relax and recuperate attention in micro-brakes.
► To strengthen and train his or her attention in a systemic and measurable way, similar to the muscle weights training.
► To affect positively sleep quality and stress-related psychosomatic health disorders.
► Very easy to implement in the activity of your organization - we can train some of your employees ( usually occupational psychologists, H & S or HR specialists ) how     to apply the different biofeedback methods or we can undertake the training of your employees by Skype ( in this case you just need to have the low-cost hardware     & software installed on some of your computers ). 

► Click here to get more information and videos about the method & technology, how to apply them in your organization and research behind them.



brain training


In today’s business environment the ability to employ continuous and intensive efforts until reaching the desired results is rewarded as an essential skill and attitude. This pays off fast in short-term but maintaining of close-to-maximal efforts every day may bring in long-term negative mind-body changes, burnout and wearing of the organism.

Optimal productive capacity is possible after quality mental and physical recuperation. Critical factors for good recovery are having enough time for rest and sleep, good nutrition and mental calmness. Autonomic nervous system recovers the mind and body after intensive mental or physical demands. Its job is exceptionally vulnerable of continuous emotional stress and nervous tension. Rational thinking and creativity are hindered by heightened emotional arousal, anxiety or low mood. 

Neuro-technologies are high-tech tools for natural and effortless deep mind-body relaxation and recovery. These tools use sound and light pulses or very weak electric current to create specific sensory environment promoting the brain to go to functional states of temporary dissociation from anxious thoughts, mental chatter and rumination. In this way without any conscious efforts or chemical side effects the user will get very quickly the following favourable effects:

► Normalization and stabilization of electro-chemical functioning of the brain at stress-related conditions and disorders.
► Most users will slide down effortlesly to a state of deep mind-body relaxation in only 5 to 8 minutes.
► At the end of the session the voluntary attention and productive capacity will be restored.
► Hyper reactivity to stressors will be reduced which positively influences interpersonal relations.
► There is marked improvement in the quality of sleep especially when the sleep is affected by mental stress, jet lag, chronic pain, shift work, seasonal affective               disorder (SAD) or winter blues.
► Deep muscular relaxation. Blood flow in the brain and the whole body is improved.
► Very easy and fast implementation in your organization. Immediate application without need of long training or specialized personnel to run it. We shall provide you       free 1-2 hours training which will give you all the necessary knowledge how to use the equipement in a safe and effective manner. 

► Click here to get more information and videos about the method & technology, how to apply them in your organization and research behind them.




According to the HSE,  the UK government organization responsible for the health & safety regulations at work, the most frequent reasons for work-related ill health and lost working days are musculoskeletal disorders or workplace stress, anxiety and depression ( see pages 4-5 of the HSE 2013/2014 statistical report ). With an aging workforce preservation of musculoskeletal and brain fitness for work is already an important factor for overall businesses' performance & costs reduction but it will become even more critical in the near future. Surprising as it may seem sensory-motor control balance training is an effective, entertaining and cost-efficient way to protect employees from stress, brain & cognitive decline and musculoskeletal disorders. Short and regular sensory-motor control balance training through entertaining and measurable biofeedback games gives the following benefits for the health, safety and performace of employees of any professions: 

► Efficient stress reduction - disengagement of attention from anxiety-provoking thoughts is easy, fast and effortless while balancing on the board.
► Enhanced awareness for muscles' tension levels and posture leads to better brain-muscle coordination and reduction of muscle disbalances, which is one of the main     reasons for chronic muscle and joint pain. 
► Better neuro-muscular control leads to better breathing and blood pH with far reaching overall benefits for the health.
► Improved & preserved brain fitness for work - balance training re-calibrates and improves brain processing speed, reaction time, sensory integration, spatial                 awareness, hemispheres communication, brain timing, proprioception and neuroplascticity. These are basic neurological processes which define the effectiveness of       all learning activities. 

► Click here to get more information and videos about the method & technology, how to implement them in your organization and research behind them.



► Mind and Body rest or recovery is essential for maintenance of health & performance in work and therapy settings as well as in everyday life. 
► VAT equipment gives a synchronic sound waves bath to client's body and brain. It may be used with or without music.
► VAT operation is based on the well known physical principle of the acoustic resonance - you may  remember how low frequency sound pressure waves from the 
► engine of a near-by heavy truck vibrated the unsealed windows. VAT acts in a similar way although much gentler for the human body than mechanical massage.
► Sound travels 4 times faster and easier in water than in the air. Human body is composed of roughly 73% water.
► VAT uses low frequency sinusoidal sound waves in the range of 30 - 120 Hz which reach every cell of the body and are felt like gentle vibration inside the body. 
► Using different sound frequencies VAT massages gently different organs not accessible by conventional massage methods - for example the lungs or the brain.

► VAT effects appear on multiple levels. The mind is gently brought to meditative relaxed state. Musle tension, spasms, blood pressure and pain perceptions
► are significantly reduced. Releasing of waste products from the cells metabolism and blood circulation will be improved. Nervous system activity is optimized and 
► regulated due to the whole-body synchronic sensory and tactile stimulation. Because of all these effects VAT is applicable to wide range of health disorders - stress 
► related, neurological, digestive, breathing, musculosceletal and psycho-somatic problems have all been decreased by VAT. 
► Some examples include hypertension drugs reduction, post-stroke recovery, MS, chronic pain, cancer pain, insomnia, addictions, Rett syndrome, asthma, 
► constipation, PMS, depression, autism, anxiety and stress. For these reasons VAT enhances all mind-body traditional or alternative therapies and improves quality 
► of life of healthy or ill persons without clouding of the mind and drug-free. VAT may even substitute the health effects of movement for immovable patients. 
► VAT effects go beyond placebo as brain-injured children, horses, dogs and even plants benefited from cell sound massage.
► Click here to see some informative videos and studies about VAT applications 

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► Employees' therapy, counseling or training is evidence-based.
► Progress in the treatment or training can be measured and monitored by objective physiological parameters.
► Effectiveness of the regular therapy or training you already provide is significantly increased. 
► You can provide cost-effective and very positive health-preventing, relaxating, stress-reducing & regenerative experiences for the employees. 
► Speed : most users (approximately 55%) reach deep mind-body relaxation in only 5 to 8 minutes. This is very useful support in critical incidents management. 
► Brainwave entrainment & VAT - promoted relaxation & stress reduction are effortless and very comfortable for the bigger majority of users.
► Cognitive functions are not interfered as with some psychoactive drugs.
► Natural and scientifically-validated methods with little or no side effects and contraindications. 

► An opportunity to offer almost immediately new services without any troubles for you:
► All equipment ( with exception of VAT) is very compact and mobile.
► All methods & applications are compatible with the conventional psychtherapy, counseling or soft-skills training you provide. 
► Easy to use equipment - most tools ( with exception of some biofeedback equipment) can be used with very little 1-2 hours initial training.
► In case of need we can provide in-depth 1-2 days training to your staff of HR specialists, psychologists or healthcare personnel. 
► We can provide you or your staff with all the necessary aftersales & training support according to your familiarity with these methods:
► from complete beginners to more advanced users. 




► We can bring our equipment and work with it at your site on contract basis - no equipment investment from you.
► Or we can deliver and sell you the proper equipment or remote services according to you needs and goals.
► We can train you or your staff how to use the equipment and the relevant methods in the context of psychotherapy, occupational health medicine, recovery                   interventions, soft-skills training or EAP counseling.
► We can provide you with Skype online training with pre-written pdf presentations in English and live Q & A discussion. 
► We can advise you on the design of mind-body relaxation & regeneration areas in your office, work-site or clinical room.
► You can rely on our support during implementation and further use of the equipment in cases you you will become interested in 
► new applications of the mind-body relaxation and self-regulation methods. 
► You can make use of our connections with different high-quality equipment manufacturers.

► We can save you time and money as we have passed the way of testing the applications in numerous contexts:
► we sold and implemented mind-body relaxation and biofeedback equipment in psychotherapists' cabinets, cancer hospitals, military mental 
► training gyms, business psychologists trainings, special education kids centers, universities and brain research institutes, alternative medicine cabinets, sport clubs 
► and numerous private homes where users needed these technologies to enhance their health treatment & regeneration or to reach better performance states.
► Accordingly we can provide you not only the equipment but the proper methodology of use relevant to your job and needs. 
► If you are clinican or therapist you can take advantage of our connections with top-notch researchers in the filed of biofeedback, brainwave entrainment and VAT
► as well as from our  big library of  research files collected during long time and continuously updated. 
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