Equipment, Design and Training for Measuring Stress and Improving Wellbeing & Performance





► Measure your client's body reactions to stress stimuli & his or her recovery times.
► Identify your customer's individual stress profile in 10 to 15 minutes.
► Based on your client's psycho-physiological stress profile identify:
► the most effective relaxation or activation therapy procedures (see below how we can help).
► Provide treatment or training to your client.
► Measure the therapy or training effect on your client's body.
► If necessary change your treatment until you get the desired effects.



► For spa & physiotherapists
► For sport coaches & sport psychologists
► For psychologists & psychotherapists
► For massage therapists
► For medical doctors
► For biofeedback therapists
► For alternative medicine therapists
► For yoga teachers  




► Biofeedback methods & technologies are scientifically validated tools which will: Multimodal BiofeedbackMultimodal Biofeedback
► Help your client recognize and self-regulate his or her mind-body processes for: 
► Improving his or her health or performance in a drug & surgery-free way.
► Precise electronic instruments measure physiological activity such as brainwaves, heart function,
► Breathing, muscle activity, skin temperature or skin conductance.
► These instruments rapidly and accurately "feed back" information to the user.
► The presentation of this information — often in conjunction with changes in thinking,
► emotions and behavior — supports desired mental & physiological changes.

► Over time, these changes can endure without continued use of an instrument.
► Biofeedback can be used effectively to teach a client how to reach deep mind-body relaxation states. 
► Biofeedback is effective in a wide range of emotional, psychosomatic and stress-related disorders.
► Also biofeedback has been effectively applied in sport, art, business and military mental training. 
► Biofeedback is compatible with the most conventional and alternative therapies, psychotherapy, food 
► or training regimen and can increase significantly their effectiveness.

► Biofeedback training may take 5 to 15 or more sessions for reaching your client's goals. 
► For almost immediate and drug-free natural relaxation you may find the easy way in the next section below.
Price of the biofeedback equipment : for most applications systems with price of 160 , 350 or 500 euro completely satisfy the needs of the user.
► In some cases like EMG and EEG-biofeedback or mulimodal biofeedback systems the price can reach 2000-3000 euros. 
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► To get а deep body relaxation & regeneration the mind has to be free from mental chatter or anxious thoughts.
► Sensory stimuli ( light, sound, touch, aromas ) have significant influence on the brain electrical activity. 
► Usually urban sensory environment makes us tense or anxious. Most often sensory environment from the nature makes us relaxed and calm.
► Rhythmical fire flames or sunlight wave reflections slow down our brain's electrical rhythms and calm down our mind.
► Rhythmical drums beating has been used since ancient times to slow down or accelerate brain's rhythms and thus bring the mind to trance states or energize it. 
► Since 1934 neuro-sciences study the sensory influences on brain electrical activity and have created very effective relax-systems.
► Relax-systems are brainwave-entrainment tools which generate rhythmical light & sound pulses through goggles and head-phones. 
► Sensory stimulation attracts the attention, entrains the brain and the mind quickly withdraws from anxious thoughts which
► allows the body physiology to bring back to natural regeneration and rest.  

► The brain has the tendency to synchroize its electrical rhythms with the frequency of the light & sound pulses.
► In only 5 to 8 minutes the brain slows down or accelerates its rhythms depending on the chosen program.
► Various scientifically-tested programs have been designed for bringing the brain, body and mind to deep relaxation,
► sleep, relaxed and calm concentration, better learning, pain relief, boosting mood or energizing. 
► Relaxation or activation programs have very pronounced regenerative effects which enhance other therapies.
► For example brainwave entrainment can shorten significantly the length of the neurofeedback therapy ( EEG-biofeedback ).
► Brainwave entrainment is very effective in widespread psychosomatic health disorders like insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, FMS,ADD, PTSD,etc.
► Also brainwave entrainment is used to enhance visualization and accelerate learning in sports and academy.
Price of the brainwave entrainment equipment: 325, 375, 525 or 570 euro depending on the model and number of built-in programs.
► Click here to see some informative videos and studies about relax-systems and brainwave entrainment

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► Mind and Body recovery is essential in sports, medical treatment, psychotherapy, spa & wellness as well as in everyday life. 
► VAT equipment gives a synchronic sound waves bath to client's body and brain. It may be used with or without music.
► VAT operation is based on the well known physical principle of the acoustic resonance - you may  remember how low frequency sound pressure waves from the 
► engine of a near-by heavy truck vibrated the unsealed windows. VAT acts in a similar way although much gentler for the human body than mechanical massage.
► Sound travels 4 times faster and easier in water than in the air. Human body is composed of roughly 73% water.
► VAT uses low frequency sinusoidal sound waves in the range of 30 - 120 Hz which reach every cell of the body and are felt like gentle vibration inside the body. 
► Using different sound frequencies VAT massages gently different organs not accessible by conventional massage methods - for example the lungs or the brain.

► VAT effects appear on multiple levels. The mind is gently brought to meditative relaxed state. Musle tension, spasms, blood pressure and pain perceptions
► are significantly reduced. Releasing of waste products from the cells metabolism and blood circulation will be improved. Nervous system activity is optimized and
► regulated due to the whole-body synchronic sensory and tactile stimulation. Because of all these effects VAT is applicable to wide range of health disorders - stress
► related, neurological, digestive, breathing, musculosceletal and psycho-somatic problems have all been decreased by VAT. 
► Some examples include hypertension drugs reduction, post-stroke recovery, MS, chronic pain, cancer pain, insomnia, addictions, Rett syndrome, asthma,
► constipation, PMS, depression, autism, anxiety and stress. For these reasons VAT enhances all mind-body traditional or alternative therapies and improves quality
► of life of healthy or ill persons without clouding of the mind and drug-free. VAT may even substitute the health effects of movement for immovable patients. 
► VAT effects go beyond placebo as brain-injured children, horses, dogs and even plants benefited from cell sound massage.
Price of VAT equipment : depending on the configuration the price of professional VAT equipment may reach 3000 to 3500 euros.
► Click here to see some informative videos and studies about VAT applications 

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► Client's therapy or training is evidence-based.
► Progress in the treatment or training can be measured and monitored by objective physiological parameters.
► Effectiveness of  the therapy or training you provide is significantly increased. 
► You can provide new and very positive relaxation & regenerative experiences for your customers. 
► Speed : most users (approximately 55%) reach deep mind-body relaxation in only 5 to 8 minutes.
► 25-30% reach lighter relaxation and 10-15% do not tolerate brainwave entrainment. 
► Brainwave entrainment & VAT - promoted relaxation is effortless and very comfortable for your clients.
► Cognitive functions are not interfered as with some psychoactive drugs.
► Natural and scientifically-validated methods with little or no side effects and contraindications. 

► An opportunity to offer almost immediately new services without any troubles for you:
► All equipment ( with exception of VAT) is very compact and mobile.
► All methods & applications are compatible with the therapy or training you provide. 
► Easy to use equipment - most tools ( with exception of biofeedback) can be used with very little 1-2 hours initial training.
► In case of need and interest from you we can provide in-depth 1-2 days training to you or your staff. 
► With exception of few biofeedback modalities most equipment don't need specialized personal to run it.
► We can provide you or your staff with all the necessary training support according to your familiarity with these methods:
► from complete beginners to more advanced users. 





► We can bring our equipment and work with it at your site on contract basis - no equipment investment from you.
► Or we can deliver and sell you the proper equipment according to you needs and goals.
► We can train you or your staff how to use the equipment and the relevant methods in the context of psychotherapy, physiotherapy, 
► alternative or conventional medicine, spa & wellness, sport training, yoga or other mind-body training systems.
► We can provide you with Skype online training with pre-written pdf presentations in English and live Q & A discussion. 
► We can advise you on the design of mind-body relaxation & regeneration areas in your office, hospital, hotel, spa or training gym.
► You can rely on our support during implementation and further use of the equipment in cases you you will become interested in
► new applications of the mind-body relaxation and self-regulation methods. 
Cost of the training: call us to discuss your needs. However you may estimate somewhere between 190 to 390 euro per day per person
► which is in-depth training (max 2 days is enough). We always provide free 1 hour training how to operate the equipment. 

► You can make use of our connections with different high-quality equipment manufacturers.
► We can save you time and money as we have passed the way of testing the applications in numerous contexts:
► we sold and implemented mind-body relaxation and biofeedback equipment in spa hotels, psychotherapists' offices, cancer hospitals, military mental
► training gyms, business psychologists trainings, special education kids centers, universities and brain research institutes, alternative medicine cabinets, sport clubs
► and numerous private homes where users needed these technologies to enhance their medical treatment & regeneration or to reach better learning states.
► Accordingly we can provide you not only the equipment but the proper methodology of use relevant to your job and needs. 
► If you are clinican or therapist you can take advantage of our connections with top-notch researchers in the filed of biofeedback, brainwave entrainment and VAT
► as well as from our  big library of  research files collected during long time and continuously updated. 
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